We are looking forward to getting back up and running. We’ve been busy, behind the scenes, making sure that our patients and staff have a welcoming & safe place to return to.


Here are some of the steps we are taking to ramp up safety:

  • Hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer-EVERYWHERE!!! It’s our new best friend :)

  • Glass Reception Area added to help with physical distancing.

  • HEPA Air Purifiers in waiting area and treatment rooms.

  • Maximum 6 Patients in waiting area– New paging system will call your cell (if needed).

  • Masks will be mandatory for Practitioners & Patients

    • Patients can bring their own mask (non-medical/homemade masks are ok)

    • We will provide patients with a surgical mask if needed

    • Practitioners will be wearing surgical masks

  • More time between appointments to allow for deeper cleaning

  • Frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces throughout the clinic eg. waiting area, chairs, washrooms, doorknobs, debit machines etc.

  • Daily Covid Pre-screening of Patients and Staff, to limit possible exposure.


Note: We are following guidelines from the Provincial Health Authority, BC CDC, Worksafe to ensure the highest levels of safety for our patients and staff.


Please continue reading for more details & important information about new protocols.


Before your appointment:

- Regulators require mandatory daily Covid -19 Pre-screening of Patients & Staff.

  • Pre-screening is the most important step in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

    • The goal is to identify anyone at risk of spreading Covid-19 and making sure they stay home if they have even the slightest symptoms.

    • Patients should cancel their appointment if they have any of the symptoms listed on the survey that are not related to a known pre-existing condition or a suspected injury. Call us and we can advise how to proceed.

      • If you are not sure if your symptoms qualify, call us and we will assist you.

      • There will be no cancellation fees for Covid related cancellations.

      • Try to give us as much notice as possible, so we can try to fill your spot.


  • Please check your email regularly as you will receive a Pre-screening Survey within 24hours of each appointment. This is mandatory.

    • If you don’t fill out the email survey, we will have to call you and screen you over the phone prior to your appointment.


  • Patients will also be pre-screened by their practitioner at the time of their appointment.

    • Patients will be required to fill out and sign a Covid 19 Patient Declaration & Consent Form

    • This screening may include temperature testing (forehead thermometer) and oxygen testing (pulse oximeter) if required.


  • Staff is pre-screened daily (including temperature and oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter).

    • Staff will not be able to go to work if they have any symptoms related to Covid-19.

      • We will always err on the side of caution.

      • BC CDC guidelines will be used for monitoring symptoms, determining if testing is required, and assessing when to return to work.

    • Please be accept our apology if we have to cancel your appointment on short notice and be assured that we will reschedule you as soon as possible.


When you enter the clinic:

- Please arrive for your appointment no more than 5 minutes ahead of schedule. This will help us control traffic in the waiting area.

  • Please don’t be late. Strict scheduling does not allow us to accommodate patients who are more than 5 minutes late.

    • If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, call us and we will reschedule you.


- We will be limiting the number of patients in our waiting area to a maximum of 6, as that will ensure physical distancing of 6 feet. Seating will be marked 6 feet apart.

  • Feel free to enter the clinic as long as there are no more that 6 patients in the waiting area.

  • We would like to introduce you to our new paging system! It works like the pagers you may have seen used for wait-lists at restaurants in the big cities. If our waiting area is full please ask us for a paging disc or give us your cell phone number. This will allow you to wait outside or in your car and we will page or text you when it is time to come into the clinic.

    • If you have a cell phone you can call us to be put on our paging list.

    • The paging system has a range of up to a ¼ mile.


- Please sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the clinic and when you enter the treatment rooms.


- Please put on a surgical mask if you do not have your own mask (they will be on the reception desk as you come in the door). Note: non-medical/homemade masks are ok for patients to wear.

  • The blue side goes out and don’t forget to pull the lower portion of the mask down over your chin and pinch the nose to get a nice snug fit.

  • Please sanitize your hands again after you put your mask on.


- Please try maintaining 6 feet apart at all times (other than in the treatment rooms).


- Glass has been installed around the reception area to help protect our office assistants and patients.


- HEPA Air Purifiers in waiting area and each treatment room will help clean the air.


- We do accept cash, but electronic payment is preferred. Try to use tap to pay (this will minimize touching the debit/credit machine).


How you can help us stay on time & get the most out of your treatment

In an effort to minimize & control traffic in the waiting area we will be streamlining our treatments and making sure we run on time. We will not be able to go over time. (don’t laugh… we can do this! Lol)

Here are a few things you can do to help us stay on time and make sure you get the most out of your treatment time:


Chiropractic Patients

  • Prepare for your treatment ahead of time eg. change into shorts or tank top if necessary (in the washroom or at home), remove belt etc. before your treatment.

    • This will help us stay on time.

    • Shoes can stay on, unless we are treating that area. In which case, please remove ahead of time.

    • Treatments will focus on 1 chief complaint (injury) + 1 minor complaint.

      • When we say “1 chief complaint” we want to know all of your symptoms but will prioritize what is the main focus of your symptoms/complaint. We recognize that the whole body is connected. We will assess and follow those symptoms wherever they take us and treatment will cover a broad range of associated areas eg. with major elbow pain as chief complaint, we will usually treat/assess the whole arm/hand, ribs, armpit, associated nerves, & will likely check the neck

  • If you have a complex case or multiple complaints/injuries, please book a longer appointment so that we can thoroughly attend to all of your needs.

    • We have created new 30 min and 40 min Chiropractic appointments with this in mind.

  • At the end of your treatment, if you need to change your clothes, please use the washroom.

    • This will allow us to start cleaning/sanitizing the treatment room asap.    

Please feel free to call us at 250-304-8700 or email us at head2toecastlegar@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Take care out there and stay safe 😊

Dr. Sandy, Colleen, Jana, Caitlin, Gabriella, Dr. Nick, Dr. Krysha, & Josh

We have moved to 1237 - 3rd Street (just around the corner)

Please Read Below for our Covid-19 Protocols


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Gabriella Toth
Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Sandy Battista
Dr. Nick DiCesare
Dr. Krysha Pereverzoff
Hello everyone and welcome to Head 2 Toe Holistic Health Clinic!
We are located in Downtown Castlegar, on 3rd Street, near the Station Museum (between West's department Store & Maggie's Mug).
Our team of compassionate practitioners are committed to providing comprehensive health care in a safe and welcoming environment. We look forward to supporting both current and new patients with your health care needs.
See you soon!
Dr. Sandy, Colleen, Gabriella, Dr. Nick, Dr. Krysha, Josh, Jana & Caitlin
Our Hours:
Monday     11:00-7:00
Tuesday      8:00-6:00
Wednesday 8:00-6:30
Thursday    9:00-7:00
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To Book an Appointment:
- Phone: 250-304-8700
- Email: head2toecastlegar@gmail.com
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1237 - 3rd Street,

Castlegar, BC

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Helping you feel your BEST from Head 2 Toe!!!

Accepting New Patients!!!
Joshua Kline
Registered Massage Therapist
Dr. Krysha Pereverzoff

We are excited to announce that Dr. Krysha has joined our team!!!

Dr. Krysha went to the same Chiropractic College as Dr. Sandy & Dr. Nick and has a similar treatment style.


You now have 3 Chiropractors on your health care team, giving you multiple options for comprehensive & timely Chiropractic care.

Accepting New Patients!!!