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Registered Massage Therapy


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Ericka & Mariah are currently awaiting their Registered Massage Therapy licenses (expected mid-November at the latest). is the good news... while Ericka & Mariah wait for their licenses, they are offering non-registered massages at half price! Please note: these non-registered services do not qualify for 3rd party insurance coverage. Ericka & Mariah will be graduating from of the Registered Massage Therapy program at Kootenay Columbia College of Integrated Health Sciences in Nelson B.C. in August.

New Patients

Mariah Pic-Croped.jpeg
Mariah Farrell
Non-Registered RMT

Mariah was born and raised in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, and relocated to the Kootenays to attend the Registered Massage Therapy program at Kootenay Columbia College of Integrated Health Sciences. She will graduate in August 2022 and is set to take her registration examinations this fall, with registration expected in mid-November. 


Mariah is attentive to each patient’s specific needs, using a combination of myofascial release, Swedish, trigger point release, muscle energy, deep tissue, and relaxation massage. She is excited to be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, helping patients find the best treatment solutions.


Mariah experienced relief from multidisciplinary modalities and witnessed people in her life have relief from chronic pain. This has drawn her to treating the body as a whole, and integrating the mind-body connection throughout treatments. Mariah is excited to be a part of her client’s journeys.

New Patients

Non-Registered RMT

Ericka spent the first quarter of her life enjoying the endless skies in the prairies of Manitoba before moving to British Columbia in 2016. After some time in the Okanagan, Ericka chose to follow her heart and move to the Kootenays and become a Registered Massage Therapist. She left her career as an electrician to attend Kootenay Columbia College of Integrated Health Sciences in Nelson and will graduate as a Registered Massage Therapist in August 2022.

Ericka utilizes a variety of techniques including myofascial release, passive/active stretching, trigger point release, as well as Swedish techniques. She is patient, goal-oriented, and individualizes treatments to best suit her patient’s needs.

It didn’t take long before Ericka and her partner settled in to Castlegar. During her spare time Ericka loves to practice aerial silks, enjoys singing, dancing, swimming, playing disc golf, and is passionate about all things feline. One of her biggest enjoyments in this province is discovering new waterfalls and she welcomes any suggestions people may have. Ericka is thrilled to become an active member of the community and provide the best service she’s capable of.

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